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What was the matter with Peter?

John 21:15-19

The Lord said to Peter, “do you Agape me?

Peter said, “yea, Lord, you know I Phileo you. ”

The Lord said, “feed my lambs.”

The Lord said a second time, “Peter do you Agape me?”

Peter said, “yea, Lord, you know I Phileo you.”

The Lord said, “feed my sheep.”

The Lord said a third time, “Peter do you Phileo me?”

Peter was grieved because The Lord said a third time, “do you Phileo me?” Verse 18 says, Peter you are going to die.


This was taken from the book, Faith Hope and Love by David Ebaugh page 67.

My friend Albert asked me, What was the matter with Peter? There was no language barrier. He knew the answer, the Lord wanted to hear. Why did he continue to answer the way he did?

Question, did Peter want to die?

Question, was Peter trying to be humble?

Question, did Peter think only the Lord could agape?

Let’s take a look at Peter. John 21: 3-11

Peter said, “I go a fishing.”

Jesus stood on the shore but they did not know it was Jesus.

And Jesus said, “Cast the net on the right side.”

John said to Peter, “It is the Lord.”

Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put on his fishers coat (because he was naked) and jumped into the sea.

Peter went and drew the net to land full of great fishes, 153: and the net wasn’t broken.

Now remember Peter was the one who walked on the water. Matthew 14:29

Hey! I know what’s wrong with Peter! The same thing that’s wrong with me.

Peter’s testimony.


The net! Big deal! How did Peter drag that heavy load up on the shore, all by him-self? He was a big strong, healthy, muscular man. Fishermen and hunters tell tall tales. And everyone laughs. And I think he smelled good too, after all he was always jumping in the water. He had a lot of confidence. And he had a lot of very good friends, that he felt very comfortable with. I think he was a happy fellow. Maybe a little hyperactive, ya think. Ha! Ha! I think he had a good life.

My testimony.

I have never been delivered from drugs and alcohol, because I was never addicted to drugs and alcohol. was never abused. My Mom and Dad had me because the wanted me. They loved me and did the best they could for me. I married a good man who loves me and I have 4 healthy children. I have a happy life too. I know a lot of you have the same testimony.

You see Peter trusted God to make everything work out all right. So everyone is going around right now talking about prepping for the next zombie apocalypse. Preppers are putting food in the basement. The money is going to revalue. There is no food or toilet paper on the shelves in the grocery store. Chemtrails and UFO’s. Unsafe vaccinations. Big brother is watching. Unfair voting and tunnel children. And the fear! It is unreal! Afraid to go without a mask, don’t want to get the virus, afraid if I don’t wear a mask people will be mean to me. And of course I need oxygen. So I don’t want to wear a mask. It muffles my speech and I can’t understand you when you speak. It’s a muzzle! Answer, Let your faith be bigger than your fear. The list goes on and on. And it’s all true. Oh no! What are we going to do? However, I have a lot of peace because; you see I have a history of God taking care of me.


The question the Lord asked Peter was, will you love me, even if, everything doesn’t work out all right? Will you love me if you wind up in a concentration camp? What if you have an unhealthy child? What if you were in a coma and couldn’t express yourself? Worse, what if that was your spouse and you had to take care of him? I believe Jesus agape loved El Elyon even while he was on the cross. That is the example.

Acts 1:6 Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?

You see the people wanted Him to fix it. Just like now. Furthermore, lambs in Strongs is #721 = lamb From 704 from 730 = male, man

From 142 prim to lift, to take up or away, to raise (the voice) keep in suspense (the mind) to sail away, to expiate sin, away with, bear up, carry, lift up, loose, make to doubt, put away, remove.

So I think when Jesus told peter to feed my lambs, He meant to lift up men.


Sheep in Strongs is #4263 something that walks forward. From 4260 to walk forward -advance, to be of great age, go farther, be well stricken From 4253 prim in front of, prior to, above, ago, before.

So I think when Jesus told Peter to feed my sheep, He meant to lead His followers.

Really splitting hairs there. But that is what theology is.

Because Peter had lived a good life, the thought had never occurred to him. So my answer is, yea Lord, I trust you to make everything work out all right. But if it doesn’t I will still agape you. But, please don’t make me prove it! But even if I had to live in a cardboard box with only bedbugs for friends, I would still agape love you.


I know the answer the Lord wants to hear. You see I am in a loving relationship with him. He wants to hear how very much I love him. No matter what. I will give him what he wants. I can and I will. Thank you for teaching me this. This amounts to a rededication. It is time for all of us to rededicate our live to him. No matter what. I will agape you Lord, forever.


And maybe He will love me back and I won’t get John 21:18. Death.



Diane Ebaugh Sutton

Debunk It

Debunk it


Did you know that there were two Jesuses ? Josephus talks about both of them. Our Jesus was a really, really good guy. The other one, not so much. They were both walking around the earth at the same time. 

Did you know that there were two Enoces?  The first one is the one that we know about, a really, really good guy. The other one, really, really bad. Several generations after our Enoch, one of his grandsons was named after him. 

Names get used and reused all the time. How many Justins do you know? How many Bobs do you know?

So I have been reading about a counterfeit Melchizedek. I submit, the thought that there are two Melchizedek’s. One really, really good and the other one very bad. The bad Melchizedek is associated with Molech. Who taught baby sacrifice. The good Melchizedek did the opposite, remember Abraham and Sarah?

So Dan Brown wrote a book saying that Jesus had sex with Mary Magdalene. Well I really don’t care if He did. But if He did. It would have definitely produced a child. Because Jesus didn’t do anything halfway. And that child would have produced another race. And that makes that race, that bloodline, superior to both you and me. But when Jesus came, one of the things He did was make no difference between Jew and Gentile. Making all of us the same. 

Romans 10:12 For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.    

I am engrafted in, so are you. And God doesn’t play favorites with His kids. Your spiritual authority will trump any earthly bloodline anyway. Therefore, I don’t believe that Jesus had sex with Mary Magdalene. 

There is a teaching going around that on creation day 6, God created a whole bunch of people and that later God created Adam. Again, the problem here is the same. Adam’s group would necessarily have to be superior to the bunch of people that were supposedly created on day 6. I don’t believe that one group is better than another. Therefore, I don’t believe it. 

I have been reading about how bad the Essenes were. I don’t believe it. The good Essenes where led by John the Baptist.  However, I know that there are good cops and bad cops, good teachers and bad teachers, preachers, parents, doctors, etc. So, therefore I think there were probably good Essenes and a few bad Essenes. But I think their statement of faith was excellent. They taught, the way!

We all know that Jesus was both a King and a Priest. The Priesthood came from Mary’s line. He got His royal Kingship from His adopted father Joseph. His real father is the Holy Spirit. There is a teaching going around that Joseph was married before he married Mary and that he had 4 children with his first wife, one of those boys was named James. After she died, Joseph married Mary and Mary had Jesus, who had an older brother names James. Well the problem with that is, If Jesus had an older brother, that older brother would be next in line to be the King of Israel. Not Jesus. I believe, Jesus was the true King. Not anyone else. I do believe that Jesus had a younger brother named James. 

I think there are more counterfeit thoughts popping around now. When you hear or read something new, you must try the spirit of it, and check it out, and see if it agrees with the Bible. Don’t be manipulated. If it doesn’t agree with the Holy Spirit and the Bible, debunk it.


Diane Ebaugh Sutton

tectonic plates

Tectonic Plates

Tectonic Plates



Tectonic plates are a requirement for life on a planet. Ours is the only planet that we know of that has tectonic plates. It is also the only planet that we know of that has life. Tectonic plates recirculate carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, they also help the formation of minerals on earth and they maintain the proper chemical balance of the sea and make the earth’s magnetic field possible. 

Amoebas, viruses, some insects, and other lower creatures do not have a nervous system. Therefore they do not feel pain. Some insects do have a nervous system, but they don’t have nociceptors, the pain receptors that humans have. Pain increases up the evolutionary ladder. When a predatory animal goes to eat another animal, before death, the animal being eaten typically goes into shock. Shock is nature’s anesthetic, so the animal being eaten doesn’t feel the pain. 

Anticipation of pleasure and pain heightens both. We can feel the sensation before it actually happens. 

Amoebas don’t die, they spit in half. Creatures that die are those that reproduce sexually. 

Pain is physical, suffering is mental. Suffering involves the anticipation of pain, the ability to feel pain before it comes, the ability to keep pain going after the actual hurt passes. This is caused by fear. And fear is from the devil.  Animals feel pain, but they don’t suffer. Only humans suffer. 

The above is from What’s so great about God by Dinesh D’Souza


Forever in His Love