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About Us

Our Mission Is:

“And as ye go, preach, saying: ‘the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Heal thy sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils, freely ye have received, freely give.'”

Matthew 10:7-8


We pray the these deep, esoteric Bible truths will give you release for your past, peace for the present, and a great and wonderful hope for the future. It is amazing how relevant these teachings still are even today!

To preserve the name of their biological father, David P. Ebaugh, as written by the biological children of David and Betty Ebaugh.

This ministry does not exist without the prayers and support of people like you. Thank you!


I believe that Jesus is the Christ. Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus came in the flesh. Jesus is Lord. The Holy Spirit is the power of the resurrection and He comes upon the souls of men to manifest the plans and purposes of God and to perfect the individual soul. God the Father created all things in love and He is bringing all things back to Himself. God created Satan as the destroyer and hell as the place of destruction in order to remove evil from the world.

I believe that the generation that will be alive at the time of the coming resurrection will have already accepted Jesus into their hearts (spirits), the Holy Spirit into their minds (souls) and that the glory of God the Father will inhabit their physical bodies. This will empower them to overcome the last enemy – death. I stand as a candidate for all the changes necessary so that I may become a part of that group. God accepts all men who come to Him just as they are and subsequently gives them the power to change into what they should be. Jesus has promised to return to Earth again to receive the Kingdom from the perfected saints.

Jesus is building His church on the rock of continuous revelation. The Holy Spirit baptizes the believer with nine gifts including healings, tongues, and prophecy. God also sends dreams, visions, and angels to give direct leadings to his people today. Christians should be led by the Holy Spirit, not each other. Present day direction is always in harmony with the Holy Bible. What is present truth to one person or group may or may not apply to another person groups because of differences in maturity and/or needs. Christians should study to rightly divide the Word into literal, symbolic, and spiritual interpretation.

-David P. Ebaugh

The Man

David Ebaugh
David Ebaugh (6/22/1930-7/12/2002)

David Ebaugh applied the tools of his former trade, engineering, to cast a penetrating light on Bible prophecy. His views and insights were, and remain, novel. David started teaching the Bible on a part time basis in 1960 when he first noticed the doubles and parallels of Revelation. His Key to Revelation book has opened many other doors to scripture. In 1968 he left his profession of Electronic Engineering to devote full-time to Bible teaching. He was ordained to the ministry in 1972.

David and wife Betty Ebaugh (12/12/1930-7/14/2013)
David and wife Betty Ebaugh (12/12/1930-7/14/2013)

Formerly a submarine sailor, David received engineer training from the U.S. Navy, the University of Wisconsin, Purdue University, New York University, and the University of Illinois and received his engineering diploma from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers in New York City. He made significant innovations in typewriters for IBM. He set-up production lines for missiles and flight simulators. He was a senior member of the American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers, and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Society of American Valve Engineers, and the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

The School:

The David Ebaugh Bible School features the teachings of its founder David Ebaugh. It has comprised over 10,000 students who actively search the Bible for ideas that uncover the enigma of the Christian life using Ebaugh’s audio teachings and books. There are five main areas of investigation into the scriptures: 1. Spirit, Soul, and Body 2. Names of God 3. Law or Grace 4. Revelation Prophecy and 5. Immortality. The school examines theology from many sources which include: Fundamental, Evangelical, Pentecostal, and Charismatic beliefs.

After the death of Betty Ebaugh, by unanimous decision the David Ebaugh Bible School and Church of Revelation was given to Diane Ebaugh Sutton.

The school expands due to word of mouth recommendation of the students. This ministry does not exist apart from the gifts of students and friend!