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Just send us your name and address and we will send you the books you want for a donation in any amount. Presently we only ship in the United States.

David’s Tabernacle Now
The Tabernacle of David started to be restored in a major way when Israel became a nation in 1948. Scripturally explains the extreme importance of the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the Initial evidence of speaking in tongues. Addresses racial integration and segregation.

Key to Revelation
Summary of the original book now out of print. Revelation interprets itself. The last half of the book, chapters 12 to 22, are perfect parallels to the first half, chapters 1 to 11. Seven seals, seven trumps, seven angels, seven vials, all parallel and interpret each other. Events are past, present, and future. Become a revelation expert in your church.

Daniel 70 Weeks
Connects Daniel’s prophecies with world events showing past, present, and future destiny of the nations. Companion study to the Key to Revelation.

Key to the Priesthood
The priesthood took seven major steps in Moses’ tabernacle. John chapters 10 – 17 demonstrates those steps in the life of Jesus. An exoterically coded message in the New Testament about the Old Testament.

Spirit Soul and Body
Many complex and confusing Bible verses are simplified by understanding the difference between spirit, soul, and body. Jesus saved the spirit, the Holy Ghost is saving the soul, and the glory of God will save the body of those who are alive and remain to the coming of Christ.

Free to Live
All structured denominations teach rules and laws, but the Bible teaches freedom in Jesus. Study the difference.

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage
The Bible provides answers for all problems. The church does not. Study the difference.

My Daddy and Me
Test and drawings by Larry Fink
A book about maturity and rules.

Faith Hope and Love
Three steps to Immortality.
Christians have been told to seek immortality of the Physical body. Few do. This book is for the precious few who do.

Circumcise my What?
Try to visualize a Heart floating in the water in it’s pericardium sack. Now place labels over the pericardium sack, anger, wrath, malice, etc. That’s a symbolic picture of the foreskin of the unisex heart.

El Elyon Now
Names of God
An exciting life changing extended Bible Study for the average Christian layperson and the professional clergyperson.

CDs Available

Most of these lessons are by David Ebaugh. The few that are not are clearly marked. Just send us your name and address and we will send you the CD’s you want for a donation in any amount.

Adoption 1 & 2 Baptism of Fire
Battle of Jehoshaphat 1 & 2
Breaking Bread Ezekiel  – by Diane Ebaugh Sutton
Comparison of the Laws – by Betty Ebaugh
Comparison of the Feasts – by Betty Ebaugh
Earthquake Whirlwind
El Elyon 1 & 2
Fast from Religion
How to Prophecy
Is Remarriage a Sin?
Key to Revelation
Money and the Military
Names of God 1 & 2
9th of AB
Order of Events
Prophecy Date Formula
Pyramid in the Bible
Seal or Mark 1 & 2
7 Rings of Heaven 1 & 2
7 steps to Perfection
Spirit Soul Body
Spiritual Authority
Spiritual Israel 1 & 2
Summer Camp  (an introduction to foot washing) – by Vicky Thompson Shoemaker
Sun Darkened
10 Commandments or 4
The Lords Prayer – by Marcellene Ebaugh Currens
Thorns – by Rosie Ebaugh Thompson
Thoughts – by Diane Ebaugh Sutton
3 More Great Wars 1 & 2
Times of the Gentiles
True and False Prophets
Ultimate Reconciliation
Usury 1 & 2
Virtuous Woman – by Marcellene Ebaugh Currens
Voice of God
Who are the 144,000?
Why have a Devil