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In the story of creation, God made the animals. When God created Adam, God breathed into Adam, and he became a living soul. God did not do that to the animals. Animals have a body and a spirit, but they do not have a soul. Genesis 2:7

The part of the brain where higher-level processing and thoughts take place (called the prefrontal cortex) is more developed in humans. The frontal lobe of a dog’s brain occupies only 10% of the brain while in humans it’s the front third of the brain. 

People go away all day and lock their dogs in a cage. This is acceptable because the dog does not have a soul. When you come home and let them out of the cage, they are happy to see you. You cannot go away all day and lock your child in a cage. If you did you would emotionally scar them. And they would not be happy. Because dogs do not have a soul, they don’t have emotions like we do. This is why dogs make good pets because you don’t have to care for them the way you have to care for another person. Animals are not members of your family. They are something you have, and you own. I love my new jeans. There are different kinds of love. I love people differently than I love animals or other possessions. I probably won’t love my new jeans forever. You may love your pet if you want to, but it is not imperative, and you don’t need to love them forever. When they die, let them go. It is not like when a person dies. You must love people unconditionally.

I used to breed dogs. I had 13 liters over the course of 15 – 20 years. My dogs are working dogs. They run the sheep. They love to work. We take good care of our dogs. We feed them top of the line dog food. We keep them clean and take them to the vet when necessary. But we treat our children and grandchildren much much better. 

One day my sister Rosie walked into my house and said, it says in the Bible to preach salvation to the animals. So she pointed at my pup and said, Do you know that Jesus loves you and that He is real? Do you believe that He died on the cross and rose again in 3 days? The pup just looked at her. The pup didn’t say a word, but I still believe that was the right thing to do. 

When you let Jesus into your heart, you let Jesus Christ into your heart. Christ in Greek is the anointing. Now you have the anointing in your spirit from that day forward. 

I believe that from that day my pup was anointed. Since then we have prayed for salvation for all our pups. And they have been wonderful dogs. 

Family is very important and we need to define what a family is. When people treat animals like members of their family. Sometimes they begin to treat their children like animals. My son had a cat, when he moved out, he left that cat with us. Then my daughter moved out and took the cat. She had it for several years. The neighbor complained and she brought the cat back. That is fine for a cat. But you should not do that with children. They should always live with their parents. If they must go live somewhere else for a while the goal should be stability. Not simply passing them around for your convenience. If mom and Dad die the child should not be passed around to this foster home and that one. If Mom and Dad get divorced, the child should not be passed back and forth because one parent is too busy for them. Some parents use their children in negotiation. The child has a soul and therefore emotions and feels used. But you can negotiate with a pet if you want to.  

Just remember it is healthy for children to have overnights with the grandparents! Giggle. 

Philippians 3:2 says beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of concision.

God knows when a sparrow falls out of a tree. God cars. And God heals. When my dog got sick, we prayed for her and God healed her. 




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