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Did you know that in 1850 there was a terrible storm on the Orkney Islands of Scotland. The storm ripped off the top of a grassy knoll. Underneath they found an, ancient stone village. There were 9 houses 5,000 years old. Older than Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids. They call it Skara Brae. The houses had locking doors, a system of drainage, plumbing with slots in the walls to get rid of wastes. The walls were 10 feet tall, paved floors, built-in stone dressers, storage alcoves, beds, water tanks. Covered passageways ran between the houses and led to a paved area.   

4500 years ago in the Indus Valley, Mahenjo-Daro, had chutes to get rid of waste. Ancient Babylon had drains and a sewar system. The Minoans had running water and bathtubs 3500 years ago. They ancient Greeks took baths. 

Sounds to me like rather intelligent people lived there. Not grunting cavemen.


Let’s go back to the beginning of England. In AD 410 the Romans withdrew from Britain. They had been the mightiest civilization on Earth with running water, central heating, good communications, padded sofas and hot baths.  Approximately only 100 people a year invaded. The new guys brought nothing new, just a different language and of course their own DNA.  They were not warriors, not even very good hunters. They simply obliterated the culture. The new guys refused to live in Roman houses. They built their own basic structures right by the abandoned Romans villas. For 300 years London was mostly empty. The Romans had been there 367 years. The celts 1,000 years, and now it was like they had never been.  Under the new regime they gave up everything and entered the dark ages. 

Why didn’t the natives fight them off? These new guys really dumbed them down. Look at our Southern boarder, History does repeat itself. We had better study history. 

Oh and by the way, what caused the fall of Rome anyway? Ummm they all became gay, and perverted.

If you think you should be the other sex, you think you are greater and smarter than God.  


In 1780, 90 percent of the people in Ireland were dependent on potatoes. In 1845 – 46 there was a terrible potato famine, due to blight or infestation. The terrible tragedy is that Ireland had plenty of food. They had eggs, cereals, a lot of meats, and seafood, but it was all exported 1.5 million people starved because of bad government. 


The British sold opium that was produced in India to the Chinese. In 1838 Britain sold 5 million pounds to China.  Opium in the form of laudanum was also sold to the British.  400,000 pounds of opium was imported to the United States in 1872.

And now our United States government is in the drug trade. 


Remember the man in the ice? He was found in the Alps. He died 5000 years ago. He had a full range of tools and all his clothes made from skins and furs. Indicating he was probably a hunter.  They found him in 1991. Do you know that scientist are still studying him today?

He had a copper bladded ax, knife, quiver arrows, shoes, birchbark canisters, a sheath, a bowstave, and food. He was shot with an arrowhead. He had been murdered. Why didn’t his murderer take his tools? 

Do you remember that Cain killed Abel? And his blood cried out from the ground. I believe that the man in the ice is Able. His blood is still crying out. And they are still studying him. 

I believe the earth age is 6,000 Years old. Not billions of years. I believe that we are living in the 7th day.

This paper was inspired because I was reading a book called “At Home” by Bill Bryson. A secular book, but it made me think.

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