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Tectonic Plates

Tectonic Plates



Tectonic plates are a requirement for life on a planet. Ours is the only planet that we know of that has tectonic plates. It is also the only planet that we know of that has life. Tectonic plates recirculate carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, they also help the formation of minerals on earth and they maintain the proper chemical balance of the sea and make the earth’s magnetic field possible. 

Amoebas, viruses, some insects, and other lower creatures do not have a nervous system. Therefore they do not feel pain. Some insects do have a nervous system, but they don’t have nociceptors, the pain receptors that humans have. Pain increases up the evolutionary ladder. When a predatory animal goes to eat another animal, before death, the animal being eaten typically goes into shock. Shock is nature’s anesthetic, so the animal being eaten doesn’t feel the pain. 

Anticipation of pleasure and pain heightens both. We can feel the sensation before it actually happens. 

Amoebas don’t die, they spit in half. Creatures that die are those that reproduce sexually. 

Pain is physical, suffering is mental. Suffering involves the anticipation of pain, the ability to feel pain before it comes, the ability to keep pain going after the actual hurt passes. This is caused by fear. And fear is from the devil.  Animals feel pain, but they don’t suffer. Only humans suffer. 

The above is from What’s so great about God by Dinesh D’Souza


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