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Red Heifer

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When the Temple is restored and it’s time to make a traditional sin offering, the Jews say you need a red
heifer, (the Hebrew word for red heifer is para aduma) without blemish. Pure. Some say there have only
been 9 of them since the beginning of history.Para aduma also means earth, blood or red. When Cain killed Able, Able’s blood (para aduma) cried
from the earth.

You kill the red heifer,(outside the camp) and burn it to ashes, make a paste of the ashes. Sprinkle a little
of that on the priests to cleanse them. So that they can go into the Holy of Holies on the day of

This is why Jesus was sacrificed outside the camp.

Some people believe that Messiah will tarry until the Temple is rebuilt. They believe that the Messiah is
waiting for us to rebuild the Temple. If you rebuilt the temple, restart alter worship, blood sacrifices and
the priesthood, you could basically force Messiah to come. Some of these people don’t believe that the
Messiah has already come, some other people are looking for the second coming of Christ.

The problem is where do we rebuild the Temple? Oh! Where the Muslim, Dome of the Rock is. This is
the spot where Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac, where Jacob saw the ladder reaching up to heaven.
Where Boas worked his crop and spread his skirt over Naomi. The Dome of the Rock is in the way.
It is a huge rock; I mean really big. There is a beautiful building built around it. I mean really beautiful!
Mosaics everywhere. I think, it really would be a shame to destroy that very beautiful building.
The result is war.

The Muslims want the Dome of the Rock and so do the Jews. And even some of the Messianic Christians,
want the Dome of the Rock. They have been fighting over this for a long time. Can’t bomb it, might
destroy the Rock! So soldiers run around and kill each other.
I am not under the law, and I believe that Jesus already made the ultimate sacrifice and it doesn’t need
to be done again. So, I don’t need a red heifer. I also believe that my body is the Temple, and this is what
I want restored. So, for me the whole subject is moot. Let the red cow moo. Ha! Ha!


Forever in His Love
Diane Ebaugh Sutton

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