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Who was Zadok?


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Do you remember when King David was very sick? He was in bed and about to die. 

Remember the day King Saul died? David was coordinated on the very same day. Not much time to morn. Maybe just a couple of hours. That’s just how they did things.

Well anyway David was dying and Adonijah (one of David’s other sons) (his mom’s name was Haggith) said I will be King! Now King David was still alive, but Adonijah got chariots and horsemen and 50 men. And he got Joab (a general) and Abiathar the priest to help him. And Adonijah got sheep and oxen and cattle and called all his brothers and the Kings servants, for his coronation party. Then they all went to  the stone of Zoheleth, by Enrogel. 

Adonijah had a general and a priest, 2 officials, and a bunch of other people. He didn’t have a prophet. He was coronated at a stone.

Well Nathan the prophet told Bathsheba what was going on. And he said listen here is what we will do. You go into King David’s room and tell him what is happening. Remind the King that Solomon was supposed to be the next king. Then I will come into the room and back you up. So she did and he did.

And King David said, call (drum roll please) Zadok the priest, and Nathan the prophet and said you guys go and coronate Solomon. 

So Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet and Benaiah (a general) and the Cherethites (a tribe) and the Pelethites (a tribe) went with Solomon to Spring Gihon and anointed him king. And King David gave his blessing to Solomon. 

Solomon had a priest and a prophet and a general that’s 3 officials and 2 tribes of people. Solomon had a lot more people. He was coronated at a spring of water.

Now Adonijah and his men were afraid for their lives. And Adonijah went to the altar and held onto the horn and said you can’t kill me here! He called sanctuary. And Solomon let him go. And a few days later King David died. 

Then Adonijah asked for one of David’s wife’s! Solomon said, NO! Benaiah kill Adonijah. So he did.

Solomon demoted Abiathar. He could no longer be a priest. He had to go home to his own fields in Anathoth. He had to find somewhere else to live. King Solomon said I will not kill you because you carried the ark of the Lord God before King David. 

Then Joab the general grabbed the horn of the alter and called sanctuary. You can’t kill me here because I am in the church! And King Solomn said kill him there. So Benaiah did. 

King Solomon promoted Benaiah. He gave him a better room.

King Solomon promoted Zadok the priest and put him in Abiathar’s room. 

So now you know who Zadok was. He supported Solomon (God’s chosen and anointed) not Adonijah (the usurper). We should be doing the same thing, in our present day.  Support the ruler who has been chosen and anointed. Do not support the usurper. 

This report was from 1 Kings chapters 1 & 2

Forever in His Love

Diane Ebaugh Sutton


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