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The Feasts

Passover – Barley – Birth – Remember the plagues and the blood on the doorposts – Day of Judgment – Salvation of your Spirit, heart. You are commanded to do this – celebrated around April.

Pentecost – Shavuot – Wheat – Bar Mitzvah – Remember when we received the Law (Torah) at Mount Sinai – Baptism of the Holy Spirit which is able to save your Soul. You are commanded to do this – celebrated around June.

Tabernacles – Booths – Sukkot – Grapes – Marriage – Remember His provision in the 40 years in the wilderness – When you are able to meet with God man to man, mouth to mouth and face to face. You no longer need a mediator. You don’t need a preacher to tell you what to do – celebrated around September.

Hanukkah – Gifts from the Father – Remember, when the oil miraculously flowed for 8 days when the city was surrounded by the enemy -celebrated around December

Purim – Remember the story of Esther and that great deliverance – Written permission from the King to actively go out and seek and destroy our enemies – celebrated around February, March.

A lot of the TV preachers are teaching about the feasts. The trouble is, they don’t even mention Hanukkah or Purim. What? Yep, they just threw them out the window. The last 3 feasts are not a command. You can participate in them if you want to, but you don’t have to. 

Hanukkah – I think we are now in the season of Lights. This is written about in the Maccabees. The description of Hanukkah is not in the Bible. We know it as the festival of lights. John 10:22 tells us that Jesus celebrated this feast. The Hubble telescope sends us pictures of Earth from outer space. They are beautiful pictures of lights. The continents are lit up. Let’s go to the playground. The children’s feet light up when they run. Just look around. We are in the feasts of lights, right now. Hanukkah is when Father gives me a gift every day, for 8 days, for no reason. Just because I am his. Not because I have been a good girl, and my gift is not withheld if I have been a bad girl. Not my righteousness, but His righteousness. So I get out of bed every morning and I say, Wow, Father, I just love what you gave me yesterday. I can’t wait to see what you have for me today. This fosters an attitude of gratitude. This is a very good place to be. 

Purim – You remember Esther’s feast. I will give you a condensed version. Esther became the Queen after the King became unhappy with the previous Queen, Vashti. The bad guy Hamman, wanted to kill all the Jews. So the King wrote a law allowing them to do so. A law made by the Medes and the Persians, and cannot be broken. When Esther found out about it she and her maids fasted and prayed for 3 days. When she told the King, He wrote another law. Punch Line…… Purim is when we get written permission from the King to actively seek out and destroy our enemies. The enemies that want to kill us, Cancer, Diabetes, Autoimmune disease, Arthritis, Allergies, Addiction, VD, Aides, Alzheimer’s, Heart disease, Fibroses, Spinal Meningitis, death from war, etc…. In short, Body Salvation. At Purim they literally massacred their enemies. 

The goal is to get to Purim. If you believe that we are now in the season of Hanukkah, this puts us farther along on the timeline then if you think we are now in the season of Tabernacles. 

I think you can be wherever you believe you are. I think you can be in Tabernacles at the same time I am Hanukkah. If that is what you want. But if you want you can join me as we approach Purim. 


Diane Ebaugh Sutton 

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